Pallet Wood Snowman/In the Woods

by Phillipcardjr
There are a lot of good and interesting pallet Holiday projects to view, I thought I would share another. Especially for the energetic pallet crafter. This project uses a full pallet and is painted using acrylic paint and finished with two good coats of Rustoleom clear gloss.
The background was primed with one coat of Zinsser primer then to a second coat of primer I added phthalo blue . A light mix of this color coated the entire space then using straight color I worked down from the top blending it with the still wet under coat and gradually allowing the color to lighten to give the suggestion of depth.(while blending you may need to add a little more of the base color because some drying does occur.) Using a 3" brush and mixtures of color I based in the background trees.
The snowman was then added, based in so I would know how to place the upcoming parts. He will have 3 or 4 more coats added before he's done, partly to build his form and mainly because he'll get other colors on him as the painting developes. The foreground now can have some blues and purple color added for the under coat for the snow.
At this point I added the middle ground trees and snow and some grasses. The tree color is a mixture of burnt sienna black and a little white. I used the chisel edge of a 3" flat brush for the trunks, and a liner brush for the limbs. A fan brush was used for the snow covered leaves.
Now to the foreground and bringing some personality to Mr. Snowman (nope I didn't give him a name/ the friend who is picking him up soon will though.) I mixed a little blue with white for the first coat of snow and did not cover the entire base coat. once this coat is dry I added pure white. Some people suggest adding a hint of yellow to the top coat, that is up to you of course. For the scarf I first painted it a deep red/orange then a straight red over top. The lines in the scarf are yellow. The right edge of the body is light blue, I add a thin layer of white to the inside edge of the blue to help it blend in to the body.
Lastly I added a hint of snow to his hat, a Cardinal, and a Rabbit for extra character. I did neglect to mention the highlighting. For the trees a very light blue was added to the edges of the trunks and branches, and the grasses and stump had white and very light brown. You can simplify the painting and add your own personal touches.
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