Paper Bag Leaf Garland

3 Materials
2 Hours

This project is limitless if you have the time. It’s also free or next to it. We all know faux greenery can be very pricey. Why not make your own and design it to your taste.

I decided to do a more versatile leaf so that I can incorporate the garland into any season.

I also did this oak leaf garland for my mantle.

I started by cutting my paper bag and laying it flat.

I then mixed up my paint color and painted the whole piece front and back. This is much more efficient than painting each individual leaf. You could paint each side a different shade to for some contrast.

I cut out a leaf template from a piece of cardboard.

Once my paper was dry I folded it in an accordion style and traced my leaves on. This way when I cut it I can cut multiple layers at once.

The leaves add up quick when you cut them in layers.

I’m not sure what gauge this wire was as it was not in it’s package but it’s definitely thicker than floral wire but still bendable. However not near as thick as a coat hanger. I cut a few lengths approximately two feet.

I used my hot glue gun to place the leaves on my wire.

Be careful because the wire does get hot with the glue.

I then bent the wire a bit to fit nicely on my cabinet. I hope you enjoyed this little project of mine😊

Suggested materials:
  • Paper grocery bag   (Grocery store)
  • Wire   (Home Depot.)
  • Paint   (Amazon)
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