Personalized Porch Pumpkin

Shelly L Nemeth
by Shelly L Nemeth
14 Materials
40 Minutes
It's Fall time again and its so fun to decorate from now all the way to Christmas, so many great projects and gift ideas to make. I just can't stand it! I really can't post every item I make because I do so many! I think people think I'm crazy because every day I wake up and say what can I made today and I hit the floor running. Lets make this great scrap wood pumpkin I did for a football fund raiser for a local school I think I did about 40 of them. It was fun and helped the team, it's always nice to be able to give back.
What you need:
Wood dowel (curtain rod)
Pipe cleaner
Orange Paint
Brown Paint
Black paint
Cricket Machine (to make stencil)
2x3 8 at 16" long
Nail Gun & Nails 2.5"
Paint brush

This is an easy project, I love fast, easy and free. I used 2x3 boards that I get from a company and that's why mine have a grove down one side of them, but can't beat free! So I cut 8 boards at 16" nice and easy!

Next I laid my wood in a box formation as you can see above. Then as simple as that I just went around my box using my nail gun and nailed it all together.
You can see here on it's side all nailed together. Next I sanded the wood box making sure it's not to rough, then they ready for paint. While I'm outside I spray it with orange paint all over. I cut my wood dowel to 3" and paint that brown. I did try spraying the words in black with the stencil but I didn't find the look as clean as I wanted. After the orange dries I bring them inside for my next step.
I took my glue, then glued on my wood dowel (stem) right in the center. Then I stapled my leaves and pipe cleaner on. I achieved the curly Q by wrapping the pipe cleaner around my round paint brush handle. I then made a bow out of the raffia and stapled that in place. I choice to staple and not glue because if you are keeping it on porch you will want it to be secure. Another reason is with Arizona heat the glue might melt with it staying on the porch. After all that was done I laid out my words that I cut on the circuit machine and painted them black
Here you can see it done, this is the one I did the stencil by hand.
Here are a couple I sprayed instead of doing them by hand. You can see they are not as clean lined as I had hoped for. Still a good look but I preferred doing them by hand.
You can also use first names if you have a family with different sur names. These where a huge hit for the fundraiser and I hope I in inspired you to make one for your front porch. When using used materials the possibilities are endless. Use what you have laying around or Items that people discard to help save a landfill. Happy Fall to Y 'all!
Suggested materials:
  • Wood dowel (curtain rod)   (Lowes)
  • Pipe cleaner   (Dollar store)
  • Leaves   (Dollar store)
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  • Kim Wycoff Skelton Kim Wycoff Skelton on Sep 18, 2018

    What if you don’t have a cricket machine is there another way to do the stencil

  • Lovesunique Lovesunique on Sep 17, 2019

    Great idea making a box instead of using a plank and adding the final touches. You made 40? Oh my, oh my!

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