Primitive Snowman

Erin Tallant
by Erin Tallant
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Ever look at a pallet and just know what it wants to be? Sometimes I do and part of this one wanted to be a snowman!
I began with a whole pallet and my Dad helped me cut it into pieces. No worries.. the rest of the pallet was used for another project that I will post, too!
I panted the whole pallet white and found a piece to be the brim of the hat.
I needed inspiration for the face so I searched Pinterest and found this face. Here is the link where it came from... its a FREE printable face.

You can also search for printable snowman faces.
To get the spacing on the hat right, I printed the face and laid it all out. I painted the hat and brim black and then attached the brim. I cut out the pieces from my printed paper and used them as a template to cut the face out of very thin plywood. I then sanded the pieces to the face and painted them.
I attached the face using wood glue which worked beautifully! The nose I wanted to be 3D so I added a small wedge of wood behind it. I attached the nose with a small nail and painted over the head of it so it wouldn't show. I attached the mouth the same small nails and liked the little bit of silver showing, so I didn't paint over those. I also cut the bird out of wood painted it black and then repainted it red. The nest is Spanish moss.
Suggested materials:
  • Pallets
  • Black, white, red, orange paint.
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