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Amanda C, Hometalk Team
by Amanda C, Hometalk Team
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Who doesn't want a roll of toilet paper disguised as a pretty pumpkin? So I actually made these as part of a house warming gift, but anyone can use these in their bathroom to add a touch of the season if they so wish. For a cheap, quick, and easy project this is the way to go! All you need is some toilet paper, some scrap fabric, craft paper and some leaves and you are ready to go!
I seriously can't wait to gift these! They are like little packages of joy!
I honestly had all of these items on hand and didn't pay a thing to make them. You can get scrap pieces of fabric from almost any fabric store for next to nothing so either way it's an affordable project!

SUPPLIES: -Scrap Fabric -Craft Paper -Scissors -Hot Glue -Toilet Paper -Dried Leaves
STEP 1: Cut a decent size square out of your fabric. Make sure it is big enough to wrap up around the roll of toilet paper on each side.
STEP 2: Place your toilet paper roll in the center of the square of fabric. Test out the size of the square to make sure all sides will wrap around the roll.
STEP 3: Slowly take one side of your fabric up around the side of the toilet paper roll and tuck it into the center. Be sure to make a nice pleat while you are doing this. Repeat all the way around the roll until all the fabric is tucked up into the center. Be sure to add pleats the entire way around. This gives it the ridges like a pumpkin has.
STEP 4: Take some craft paper and cut it down the middle width ways.
STEP 5: Crumple up the craft paper making sure it is nice and wrinkled. Roll the half of craft paper up, but allow some of it to poke out so you can see the spiral of the paper.
STEP 6: Stuff your rolled up paper through the center of the toilet paper roll. This will act as the stem of the pumpkin.
STEP 7: Hot glue a dried leaf, or a fake leaf or two to the stem.
STEP 8: Repeat as many times as you want with varying fabrics and VOILA!
You could load these in your bathroom as spares, or you could use them around the house as decor for the season. Way cheaper than buying fake ones from the store.
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Suggested materials:
  • Scrap Fabric   (Had on Hand or Amazon)
  • Toilet Paper   (Grocery)
  • Craft Paper   (Michael's or Amazon)
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