Place Leaves on a Ballon for This Bowl Idea

This leaf bowl looks great on any surface in your home in need of a little fall. Get tutorial here

Add a Lantern Full of Fall to Your Porch

Lanterns add just the right amount of coziness for fall, especially if you fill them with leaves. Get tutorial here

Mix Tableware Colors in the Dining Room

Mix colored glasses, a vibrant table runner, and bright tableware for an autumn collage. Get tutorial here

Add a Strand of Tassels to Your Mantel

A strand of tassels cinched with pine cones is the perfect way to brighten a mantel or dull corner. Get tutorial here

Display Pine Cones on Your Dresser

Pop outside and collect baskets of pine cones, to freshen your fall bedroom. Get tutorial here

Place a Bowl of Gourds on the Coffee Table

Mix a bowl of fresh fallen leaves with bright, textured gourds, for this coffee table accent. Get tutorial here

Add Mini Pumpkin Messages to the Living Room

Tiny inexpensive pumpkins are great for displaying mini fall messages in the entertainment room. Get tutorial here

Use Rustic, Neutral-Toned Elements Everywhere

Give your home an allover fall feel, by using neutral colors and rustic elements in every room. Get tutorial here

Showcase Fresh Apples in Empty Corners

Pile a few juicy looking apples in different spots around your home, to show off your harvest. Get tutorial here

Arrange Sweater Pumpkins in Cozy Spots

These cozy pumpkins won't go bad, so add them to tables, beds, couches, or even bathrooms. Get tutorial here