Glue white yarn on circular boards

Simply glue yarn onto foam board to get this classic snowman look. Isn’t he cute? (Elizabeth Joan Designs). Get tutorial here

Cut some spare logs and draw on them

Paint a face on a sliced log, stack it, wrap fabric around it and you’ve got the cutest Log snowman (MarketingMomx4). Get tutorial here

Stack baby jars and fill them with goodies

This repurposed jar idea doubles as a kit for all your holiday hot chocolate needs (Empress of Dirt). Get tutorial here

Paint some thrift store baskets white

Glue them together then wrap a scarf around him to get this classic Christmas snowman (Lisa’s Creative Design). Get tutorial here

Whitewash an industrial spool

This giant snowman is decorated with jar lids and a cotton spool. Talk about vintage Get tutorial here

Trim coffee filters on round plates

Cut and paste bunches of coffee filters, trim and embellish them and you’ve got this adorable guy Get tutorial here

Sprinkle some glitter on wooden lathes

Paint some wood pieces and give them a glitter bath. Top them off with a toque and voila! (Vintage Paint and More). Get tutorial here

Gather some tulle around a styrofoam ball

Orange yarn for a nose and burlap for a hat and you’ve got a true frosty the snowman (Linda). Get tutorial here

Carve some wood and add aluminium flashing

Add some lights and a woolen scarf and this snowman will light up your porch for miles! (Xena.N). Get tutorial here

Flip some wine glasses and paint the base

All these require are some paint and tea light toppers to light up your winter mantle (Ann). Get tutorial here

Cut up an old book

Trace the snowman design and cut carefully and then add a top hat and buttons for eyes (Upcycled Design). Get tutorial here

Build a glass totem out of old bowls

Fill it with iridescent shreds and cap it off with a coffee mug to get this cute snowman! (Bee. G). Get tutorial here

Fill light colored socks with rice

Use simple fabric and rubber bands to get these inexpensive holiday snowmen Get tutorial here