Make a bunny shaped wreath

Tie two branch wreaths together and cut bunny ears from a heart wreath. Plastic leaves & flowers from repurposed cupcake liners add lots of cuteness. Get tutorial here

Craft giant eggshell candle holders

A video guides you through how to paper mache a giant eggshell. A candle placed inside the glittery-gold eggshell completes this Easter centerpiece. Get tutorial here

Sew bunny treat bags

Get your sewing machine out for these cute bunny shaped bags. A pom pom as a tail adds even more cuteness. Kids will love using these for egg hunt! Get tutorial here

Turn a T shirt into carrot decor

Pull this off for under $5! Cut a T shirt, then stuff and sew by hand. Place into a basket and use as table or mantel decor. Get tutorial here

Upcyle book pages into a garland and egg decor

Kool aid, turmeric and food coloring dye book pages to create this darling bunny themed garland. Use the scraps for more decor by covering your eggs. Get tutorial here

Make an outdoor chick nest

Follow the steps in this video to craft together an outdoor chick nest. This DIY will add pure sweetness to outdoor Easter decor. Get tutorial here

Repurpose a food jar into a bunny vase

Draw a bunny face onto this white-painted repurposed glass food jar. Clean well before you start and add flowers for a full spring look. Get tutorial here

Recycle eggs shells into scented candles

These scented eggshell candles will add a DIY touch to Easter table decor. Melt soy flakes, center wicks inside the shells and pour melted soy wax. Get tutorial here

Put together a Peeps bunny topiary

A clever topiary DIY using Peeps bunnies will add a burst of color and cheer to your Easter decor. Get tutorial here

Create an egg topiary

This project gives you a fun way to display pretty artificial eggs. A small Styrofoam ball, dowel rod, pot and glue is all you'll need. Get tutorial here

Use plaster to make an egg vase

Create a stunning egg vase centerpiece with this step-by-step DIY. You can also speckle eggs with the extra plaster dye to use as an accent decor. Get tutorial here

DIY a chick topiary

If you love using chicks in Easter decor, this fuzzy chick topiary is for you! Use chenille chicks and moss with any accents of your choice. Get tutorial here

Marble up eggs for an Easter wreath

This project uses Testors Marbling Medium and Testors Acrylic Paint. Use your favorite spring colors to mix and marbelize this unique moss-egg wreath. Get tutorial here

Glue popsicle sticks for bunny decor

This charming bunny decor is made entirely from popsicle sticks. It will add a spring touch to your home! Finish it with acrylic paint & wood stain. Get tutorial here

Plant wheatgrass in eggshells

A lovely kid-friendly project! Paint eggshells in pastels, make a small base from wax, add soil and wheatgrass. Watch is grow! Get tutorial here