Arrange Dried Hydrangeas

Delicate and delightful, hydrangeas will add a romantic shimmer to your fall display. Get tutorial here

Lay Out Thick Throw Blankets

This trick isn't just for cozying corners - it's a great way to warm up! Get tutorial here

Throw in a Shell or Starfish

You don't have to stop at acorns and pine cones - get creative with your details. Get tutorial here

Use Coastal Blue and Copper

Looking for a something a little new this season? Try adding coastal details to your fall decor! (Nancy @Artsy Chicks Ru Get tutorial here

Turn Your Pumpkin into a Chalkboard

Who says you can only decorate your faux pumpkins once? Just try chalkboard paint. Get tutorial here

Bring Your Mums Inside

We all love mums in the garden, but for an easy decor upgrade, bring them indoors! Get tutorial here

Display Your Pumpkins at Different Heights

Add interest to a traditional pumpkin display by displaying them at different heights. Get tutorial here

Mix Pumpkins with Apples

Mix apples, oranges, or lemons in with your pumpkins for a fresh, fruity look. Get tutorial here

Bring in Your Tableware

Use your colorful dishware to decorate your mantel, tablescape, or even your porch! Get tutorial here

Use Pine Cones Everywhere

Pine cones are a traditional accent, but think up new places and ways to show them.

Decorate with Printed Graphics

If you usually stick to vignettes and displays, try a 2D twist, with a graphic or sign.

Bring out Your Cork Collection

Whether it's the color or texture, there's something about corks that's very fall. Get tutorial here

Use Old Clothing to Make Decor

Turn old ties, sweaters, or socks into fashionable autumn decorations indoors and out. Get tutorial here

Arrange Glass Jars

Glass jars, empty or full of your favorite fall collections (candy!) make great decor. Get tutorial here

Display Decorations in Wooden Crates

Fill crates with pumpkins, other gourds, plastic skulls -really anything- to be fall-ready. Get tutorial here

Use All of Your Metallic Pieces

Bring all of your shiny bits and pieces to your fall table or mantel, to get an autumn glow going! Get tutorial here

Experiment with Wreath Shapes

Circles are sooo last year! Try a square or a triangle to dress up your space. Get tutorial here

Stack up Some Books

Take a minute (literally!) to grab books off the shelf, stack 'em up, and add a pumpkin. Get tutorial here

Make a Cute Harvest Sign for Inside

Even if the pumpkins are really outside, guests will love this farm feel indoors. Get tutorial here