Paint wooden boards

We like how they’re stacked to write out fall. Get tutorial here

Repurpose a roof wind turbine

The metallic and orange paint gives it a good finish. Get tutorial here

Create concrete pumpkins

A plastic trick-or-treat basket is the best mold for these concrete beauties. Get tutorial here

String canning rings together

If you’re a fan of mason jars (who isn't?), you’ll love this new take on the classic pumpkin. Get tutorial here

Round out dryer coil

Who says dryers are just for laundry? Get tutorial here

Wrap some toilet paper in fabric

Yes. You can even make pumpkins out of toilet paper. Get tutorial here

Paint two salad bowls

It makes for a cute place to hide your keys or other trinkets in your home. Get tutorial here

Stuff your old socks

We finally found something you can do with that missing pair. Get tutorial here

Sew some drop cloth

If you love drop cloth and twine, these are the pumpkins for you. Get tutorial here

Cut out a book

Book lovers rejoice! There's a pumpkin choice for you too. Get tutorial here

Stick a pinecone on an orange ball of yarn

This is probably the easiest pumpkin to make, once you find your orange yarn. Get tutorial here

Paint an old dresser drawer

If you’ve got an old dresser lying around, you’re totally going to want to try this. Get tutorial here

Wrap string around a balloon

These would look great with small tealights in them. Get tutorial here

Glue recycled wood together

Don’t you want to go out and look for scrap wood right now? Get tutorial here

Frame some orange fabric

All you need are frames and a few twigs from outside. Get tutorial here

Paint faces on landscape edging

We love the jack-o-lantern faces on these pumpkins. Get tutorial here

Use galvanized metal

Make this Pottery Barn knock-off and save yourself $99. Get tutorial here

Stick together some horse shoes

This takes some welding, but if you love metal (and horses), you’ll probably love these too. Get tutorial here

Draw on your garlic bulbs

In a quick pinch, a marker, some string, and a bunch of garlic bulbs work as tiny pumpkins. Get tutorial here