Pottery Barn Inspired Candles

Fill a mason jar with ordinary acorns and a tall candle, for a cozy fall glow. Get tutorial here

Rich Coffee Table Decor

Pop the caps off some acorns, paint them bright fall colors, and then put them back together. Get tutorial here

Fun Felted Terrarium Fillers

Turn tiny balls of yarn into colorful acorns with a brilliant hack. Hello, bright fall decor! Get tutorial here

Metallic Lantern Highlight

Brighten up an ordinary decorative lantern with a stunning mix of natural and gilded acorns.

Delicate Autumn Wreath

Hold on to your natural, neutral look, with an autumn acorn wreath that is absolute perfection. Get tutorial here

Driftwood Wall Hanging

Combine soft driftwood, warm yarn, and delicate painted acorns to make a romantic wall hanging. Get tutorial here

Glittering Table Decoration

Make your pretty decor POP, with acorns covered in vibrant gleaming glitter! Get tutorial here

Beautiful Baker’s Twine Accents

Top off your acorn collection with a cute baker’s twine top and put them on display. Get tutorial here

Know how to prep acorns for decorating? We do

Learn how right here, so you can get started on your favorite crafts! Get tutorial here