Make your pinecones smell like nutmeg

Spray them with essential oil and you got some gorgeous smelling decor. Get tutorial here

Glue cinnamon sticks around a candle

Add it to your favorite vanilla or cinnamon candle for an amazing warm and welcoming smell. Get tutorial here

Bake aromatic cinnamon owl ornaments

These adorable creatures decorate your tree and make your home smell good. Get tutorial here

Create home decor that smells like vanilla

Put in your favorite essential oils for a personalized scent. Get tutorial here

Melt your own pumpkin pie soaps

These look delicious and will make your hands smell amazing. Get tutorial here

Create your own cinnamon and vanilla candles

This takes less than 30 minutes to make, and they smell amazing! Get tutorial here

Add some cloves to clementines

You can just imagine the delicious scent that this will make. Get tutorial here

Add coffee beans to your scented candles

These look gorgeous and make your home smell like aromatic coffee. Get tutorial here

Bake your own gingerbread ornaments

You won’t be able to eat them, but they’ll look and smell like baked cookies. Get tutorial here