Scarecrows Center Piece.

Jean SF
by Jean SF
7 Materials
15 Minutes
A center piece for the fall. (I got discount half price because Halloween is over for my scarecrow ) .. This is a very easy and quick project.
I hope you can see o.k. A foam brick or you can use style foam. (any color because it will be cover anyways.)
A foam brick and straw hay.. you can use style foam to.
Another picture of the straw hay. This will be wrapped around the foam.
Leaves on a vine. And flowers which I cut the stems off to poke in the foam. Wrap the vine of leaves around the hay. Next poke the flowers in between the leaves.
Next wrap the lights around the leaves. You can also leave these off. I used them for night lights.
Finally stick the scarecrows in the foam brick where you want to. You may have to cut the sticks shorter. Depends how tall you want them.
Here is a picture with the lights off. My tablet don't take pictures to well. There is a very tall scarecrow and a short one. And two black birds.
Suggested materials:
  • Two black birds   (Dollar Tree)
  • Two Scarecrows   (Dollar Tree)
  • 1 set of lights (blue)   (Dollar Tree)
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