Simple Summer Vibes: 5 Minute DIY Wreath

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30 Minutes

Hey y’all! I thought I’d pop in and share a super simple, DIY summer wreath, that I literally put together in about 5 minutes the other day.

You see, I’ve been spending so much time in my vegetable garden and flower gardens that I have been neglecting my home terribly and it was starting to show! While sweeping my front porch the other day I shuddered at the sight of my cobweb covered spring tulip wreath still hanging dejectedly on my front door!

It’s so unlike me to overlook things like this and I was ashamed of myself. I mean we aren’t talking about a 2 month renovation here!

So right then and there I set the broom aside and took the wreath off the door and set to work.

I had originally purchased the tulip wreath at Walmart maybe 2 years ago when it was on clearance. I had added some additional flowers to it just tucked in here and there to make it fuller since I found it a little sparse for my taste.

Previously I have gotten something different for the door for each season rather than take something apart but this time to try and avoid going shopping and to continue making myself shop my home, I decided to pull out the flowers and use the twig base again.

After removing the flowers and making sure there were no leftover cobwebs hiding anywhere, I grabbed a boxwood garland I purchased off Amazon a while ago. I simply wired it on with floral wire (green) every 4 inches approximately.

Next I grabbed a few stems of hydrangeas and carefully removed the flower heads on some and cut the stems short on the ones that weren’t designed to be able to have the flower heads removed. If you look at the underside of the flower heads and you see multiple layers pushed onto the top of the stem, you don’t want to remove the top or it will all come apart in pieces. If the entire top is connected to itself, you can just gently pull the entire top part off. I love it when flowers are like this because then when I am finished with whatever project I needed just the heads for, I can easily push them back onto the stems and have flowers to be used in bouquets and things again.

I took the hydrangeas blossoms and ran a length of floral wire through the various little plastic stem bits underneath and wired them onto the wreath. This holds them securely but makes them able to be removed in seconds when I want to change the wreath again.

Once I got the hydrangea blossoms where I liked them, I simply ran a double strand of floral wire around the top where I wanted to hang it, twisted it at the wreath and used the loop end to hang it on my front door.

Voila! Much more summer appropriate, don’t you think?

You could do this with any sort of base greenery for any season and add any varieties of flowers that you like making this method work for any look and any season. It literally takes 5 minutes (it took me longer to find my floral wire!) and can be changed out so easily for the next season.

Or when you get bored.

That usually comes first for me!

Suggested materials:
  • Wreath form   (Walmart)
  • Boxwood garland   (Amazon)
  • Hydrangeas   (Thrift Store)
Tara @ Stilettos and Shiplap
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  • Nicole P Nicole P on Feb 11, 2021

    This color scheme is gorgeous! Hydrangeas are my absolute favorite! Thanks for sharing.