Snowman Christmas Countdown

by Susanne
2 Materials
4 Days
My daughter reminds me every year as we put up the Christmas decorations that her dad has a Christmas countdown but we do not. Her dad has a felt one with pockets and you put a star in the proper number. I wanted something totally different for her. She is 21 and special needs. Will forever be cognitively about 8. So the Spirit of Christmas is very special to her and our family.
I also make he signs. So I went in the garage looking for wood to figure out what we could use. And found a stack of 18 inch circles ready for hexes. So I brought one in. And made a paper template for his hat, the brim of the hat and the carrot nose. Make sure the nose is wide enough to hold a bolt do it can turn.
My husband cut out all the pieces for me with a jig saw. Sanded the edges and spray primed them all. Then I painted them all
Hat,brim ,and nose. The brim should overlap the sides of the hat just a touch.
Hubby used epoxy and clamped each part separate. Then he attached the nose with bolt, washers and wingnut. He then epoxied two more pieces of wood to the back and we used the Velcro hanging tape to attach to the wall
I wrote the numbers in pencil and then went over them in Oil Sharpies. Good but not quite done.
Hot glued twine with jingle bells, Holly berries and a frosted pine cone. And touched up the bolt on the nose.
Enjoy. ❤️
Suggested materials:
  • Pencil, paper, scissors, tape. Plywood, jigsaw, spray primer, acrylic paint in white, pink, black, gray, raspberry, orange, brown. Bolt, washer, wingnut. Oil In green and red. Velcro tape that holds 20 pounds. Twine, bells, berries, pinecone. Hot glue and epoxy.   (I had all the materials)
  • The only reason it took as long as it did to finish was accounting for dry time.
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  • Wendy Wendy on Dec 04, 2017
    How special that you made this for her, and thank you for sharing a bit of your story.