Snowman Fun Project

Cissy Jones
by Cissy Jones
This was so fun. Here are the supplies you need 3 clay pots
10 inch
8 inch
6 inch
Spray paint white second coat if you still see clay pot
3 round door knobs
2 pieces of wood 4x4
Christmas deco.
Glue gun
Wood glue
Paint Pots,spray paint black knobs and paint your nose
After dried take small pot and put wood glue inside of rim and set on 8 in. Pot then do the same for your 8 inch pot on top of your 10 inch pot. Gives it more stability.
Draw face with pencil and then paint it in with black paint.
Glue knobs one on 10 inch pot and 2 on 8 inch pot. Use glue gun
Glue nose on with glue gun
Take your 2 boards and hot glue them perpendicular after dried glue bottom of hat and attach to 6 inch pot.
Add any kind of Christmas decor to neck and hat use hot glue even a bow will do.
If you want to add stick arms hot glue to 8 inch pot by rim.
My Snowman
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  • Lynn Lynn on Jul 09, 2016
    Love this!! A must make for this year... Also going to suggest this idea to my daughter for the kids she is around..Great idea!

    • Cissy Jones Cissy Jones on Jul 09, 2016
      Thx this was a fun project hope you all enjoy doing this one. thx again

  • Sue Kerns Sue Kerns on Nov 03, 2019

    I want to make this but don't say what hat is made out of.