Snowman painted in stain glass paint on old window

Diane C
by Diane C
I used an old window for this project. After cleaning and painting the wood, i drew a pattern & transferred the snowman. Word to the wise, allow the project to lay flat, paint will run off the glass if standing up right. Correcting this mistake was tedious !!
Stain glass paint on old window
In process
Running paint
After cleaning up dripping paint. Notice the wood frame, this too had to be touched up.
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  • Grandmasue10 Grandmasue10 on Jun 23, 2016
    I can't draw very well, but there are quilting panels with snowmen and/or deer and/or Santa on them which could be glued or held on with magnets somehow. Just brainstorming. Love your window.

  • Shelly Moore Shelly Moore on Nov 17, 2021

    I've used stained glass paints on a few projects. A few I had to paint the windows in place. I drew out my design on a piece of paper to fit the window. I traced the lines with a black sharpie. Then I taped my pattern to the outside of the window securely. I Painted on the leading paint squeezed right out of the bottle as directed. Then let it dry as directed. Then for the colors, I squeezed out only a little bit of paint at a time. Meanwhile, I had a medium paintbrush in my other hand to catch drips and try to move the paint around where it needed to be if I got too much on one area, I just painted it onto another area that would be that color anyway. Let dry, very well. I sprayed mine with a few light coats of an indoor/outdoor sealer. The two windows stayed nice till I moved and could not take them with me.

    This window looks Awesome! I have some windows I hadn't decided what I was gonna do with..... This would work.......hmmmm.....