Super Easy Pumpkin Stack for Your Fall Decor

by Sloante5
5 Materials
2 Hours
Use on a protected porch to welcome guests, or as a foyer or fireplace accent. Use all through the Fall, Halloween to Thanksgiving, and then store for next year. A great way to use up your floral odds and ends!
Mine is built on a vintage stoneware jug,.
You need 2 to 4 craft pumpkins or gourds that will stack attractively. Use all one type, or mix types and colors. The more you use, the taller your stack will be. Collect odds and ends of

fall flowers, leaves, acorns, raffia - anything you like. You don't need a large quantity, but variety is key. You can add height and interest by creating your stack in a container - think bushel basket, terra cotta pot, or even an old flower pot!
A mix of colors in this one!
Hot glue the edge of your container, and settle the largest pumpkin into it. Be sure it is straight - the stem needs to be pointing straight up, or you will have a stack that leans! Take your second pumpkin, and cut a hole just large enough to insert over the base stem. Hot glue into place. Do the same with the third pumpkin, and fourth if using. Doublecheck that all are stable and straight.
Keep hole as small as possible for best fit.
Now comes the fun part - decorating your stack! I start with raffia, because it's easy to work small items into it.
Straggly raffia!
Start adding flowers, berries, leaves, twigs, whatever you like! There is no right or wrong - but try not to be too 'neat' or 'even'. Think falling leaves!
Keep adding until you are happy with your stack!
Less is not more! More is more....
If desired, add a bow, even a simple 'shoelace' bow. I tied mine on the handle of the bushel basket.
Finished! Notice I did not decorate the backside because I knew it wouldn't be seen.

This is a great project for a beginner- because it is free form decor, it is a guaranteed no fail craft. Try it and have some fun!
Suggested materials:
  • Craft pumpkins/gourds   (Any craft store)
  • Raffia. (Straw like ribbon)   (Craft store, garden center, or florist)
  • Silk flowers, leaves, berries, ribbon   (Craft or Dollar Store)
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