Thrift Store Makeover - CD Holder Repurposed Into Fall Decor

Maura White
by Maura White
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I recently went to my small town's local thrift store on a hunt to create a thrift store makeover. I came home with some gems and goodies, including this old CD holder, that I wanted to re-purpose into something new. A couple of other thrift store finds I made over, that were included in my free printable "Thankful" tablescape.
I wasn't exactly sure what I was going to turn the $0.75 CD holder into when I got it home, but I wanted to experiment with an idea to turn it into frugal fall decor. Below is what I came up with to transform "trash" into "treasure."
Materials Needed for this CD holder re-purposed into frugal fall decor:
  • thrifted CD holder - mine cost $0.75
  • white foam board - costs $1 at the Dollar Tree
  • white spray paint     (I actually found a brand new can of spray paint at the thrift store for just $1!)
  • 4 oz bag of green spanish moss
  • course sand paper
  • wooden letters - I chose F-A-L-L (and found them at Walmart for $1 each.)
The total cost for me to make this was less than $10.
I decided to spray paint the CD holder all white.  I put on 2 coats and let if fully dry.  I did distress it a bit using course sand paper.
I knew if I was going to create a farmhouse fall decor piece, then this CD holder that I was ultimately turning into a frame, needed some sort of a back.  So I simply used white foam board to create the back.  I traced out the size I needed, cut it out, and hot glued it to the CD holder after the spray paint was dry.
While hot glue does work, it may not hold up the best in areas with high temperatures or high humidity.  If that is true where you live, then I'd use a stronger adhesive like Liquid Fusion.
Once the foam board was attached, I trimmed off any edges and be sure it is smooth and flush to the back.
Then I pulled apart in small pieces the green spanish moss and hot glued that on until it filled in well on the white foam board.
Since Walmart had all of these letters already painted white and distressed, it makes it easy to just glue them on.
I used hot glue, but again you may want to use Liquid Fusion if you are concerned with high temperatures or humidity levels where you live.
Here it is currently sitting on the very top of my kitchen hutch, surrounded by two galvanized metal water pitchers filled with cotton and green hydrangeas and some faux leaf garland!
What a fun way to turn a $0.75 piece of "trash" from a thrift store into something I can use to decorate my home for years to come!
Suggested materials:
  • Thrifted CD holder   (thrift store)
  • White foam board   (Dollar Tree)
  • White spray paint   (thrift store)
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Maura White
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