5 Minute DIY Valentine's Day Hello Kitty Heart Wreath

Vivian Siu
by Vivian Siu
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5 Minutes

I recently purchased some really cute Valentine's Day decorations from Dollar Tree. One of the cute decorations was this hanging glitter foam heart shape decoration. It was pretty on its own, but I thought it would make a cute wreath. I also had a cute Hello Kitty figurine. I was going to use it for a DIY Hello Kitty snow globe, but I changed my mind. It only took 5 minutes to assemble a cute Valentine's Day Hello Kitty Heart Wreath.

Dollar Tree Foam Heart Decoration

Here is the cute Dollar Tree Hanging Foam Heart Decoration.



  • 1 Hanging Foam Heart Decoration
  • Mini Artificial Pink and Purple Flowers of your choice
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • Scissors (Not in the Picture)
  • 1 Glitter Pink Cardstock or Cardstock of your choice
  • Pen or Pencil (Not in the Picture)
  • A cute plastic figurine of your choice. I love Hello Kitty so I used a Hello Kitty figurine. :)
Cute Hello Kitty Figurine

Here is a closer snapshot of this adorable plastic Hello Kitty Figurine. I purchased this from ebay for less than $9.00.

Trace the heart shape on the cardstock

1). Turn over the glitter cardstock on the white side. Place the foam heart decoration on top of the cardstock. You are going to use the inner part of the foam heart decoration as the template. With a pencil or pen, trace the heart shape on the cardstock.

The Traced Heart on the Cardstock

And here is how the traced heart should look like on the cardstock.

Cut out Heart Shaped Cardstock

2). With a pair of scissors, cut slightly larger than the outlined heart cardstock (as shown in the picture). You do not want to cut at the line because it will make the cardstock too small to glue to the heart foam.

Glitter Pink Heart Shaped Cardstock

After cutting the cardstock, this is how it should look like in the front.

Glue the cardstock to the Hanging Heart Foam

3). The next step is to use the hot glue gun to glue the heart shaped cardstock to the back of the hanging foam heart decoration.

Front view of Cardstock and Foam Heart

And here is the front view of the cardstock and hanging foam heart decoration.

Gluing the cute plastic Hello Kitty Figurine

4). Next, glue the plastic figurine to the center of the cardstock.

Gluing the mini artificial flowers

5). The last step is to glue the mini artificial flowers around the plastic figurine.

The final cute Vday Hello Kitty Wreath

And your cute Valentine's day wreath is ready to hang! I hope you will try this simple project. You can use any cute plastic figurine that you want for your own wreath.

Suggested materials:
  • Hanging Heart Foam Decoration   (Dollar Tree)
  • Artificial Pink and Purple Flowers   (Amazon)
  • Glitter Pink Cardstock   (Amazon)
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  • William William on Feb 15, 2022

    Cute. Perfect for a nursery or a little girls room

    • Vivian Siu Vivian Siu on Feb 15, 2022

      Thanks for your comment! That is a great idea! I should make another Hello Kitty wreath for my 2 year old nieces (twins).