A Front Door Alternative to the Basic Wreath

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Are you tired of the same old wreath hanging on your front door? With the holidays coming, this is the perfect time to try something new!
These DIY door gift tags make the perfect alternative to a wreath for the front door!
You can make them in any size and you can write on them whatever you want. These would be perfect for any holiday or season:
"Merry Christmas" , "Be Mine" , "Happy Easter" , "Give Thanks", etc
I love how they look hanging on the front door!
I used leftover sheets of 3/4" plywood, but you can use any wood you have sitting around the house. I would though, recommend using wood that is thinner than an inch so that it isn't too heavy and doesn't bang against your door every time you open and close it. Mine gift tags are cut to about 3" across and 5" long, but again, you can do any size you choose.

Cut your wood to size. I only needed to use my cut-off saw and then my jigsaw. What saw you need will depend on what type of wood you have left over. Once you have cut your tags to size, grab our your drill and bits to make the hole for hanging your tags. I used a drill bit just bit enough to fit my rope through. Depending on what you use to hang your tags, this hole may be a bit bigger or smaller.

Once you have everything cut, give it a good sanding all over to smooth out all the edges. Make sure to also sand around the hole that you just drilled so that the rough edges don't ruin your ribbon or twin as you pull it through.
Paint it up! I used acrylic paint for the base coat. To get my words "nice looking", I printed off the computer what I wanted it to say and how I wanted it to look. Then lay your printed sheet on top of the wood where you want it and with a firm pen or pencil, trace over the words making an indentation into the wood.

Once you have it all traced, when you remove the paper you should be able to see the words faintly imprinted in the wood. Then you can paint on your words by tracing over the indented marks.
Then add your rope. Or ribbon, or twine - whichever you would like to use to hang your tags. Loop it through the gift tags and be sure to leave enough length depending on how long you want it to have.

Then hang it up and enjoy your front door!

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Suggested materials:
  • Wood
  • Acrylic paint
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