Beautiful Fall Wreath!!

by DoWitty
Love Fall? Let's get a jump on the season with this beautiful handmade Fall wreath tutorial. You can see other tutorials for DoWitty by clicking on the video.
Finished project
Start with an 18" Grapevine wreath form.
These are the supplies you will need to complete the project.
Electric glue skillet
Glue skillet heated to 400 degrees
Glue pellets
Add skillet glue and melt return temp on skillet to 350 degrees.
Melted glue
Once glue is melted you are ready to start.
Leaf bushes
Cut apart your leaf bushes.
Collect leaves
After cutting apart the bushes of leaves you are ready to start.
Dip leaves at stems.
Carefully dip leaf stems into the hot glue, wipe off excess on the edge of pan.
Add leaves
Add leaves to the grapevine foundation in a clock wise direction. Until they are covered
Final finishes
Add embellishments and you are finished
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