Candy Cane Wreath

Kimberly Jonesy
by Kimberly Jonesy
2 Materials
10 Minutes
Hello! I am working with a candy cane form, and already created the traditional striped with holiday bows but today, I wanted to use the cotton flowers, burlap, lace, a cute watering can wreath pick and some wedding picks. Lets see what I did with it all. Supplies all from Hobby Lobby. The wreath form, is from DollarTree.

I cut off a pice of the ribbon that I will wrap with, and hotglue it to the bottom to hide the wire form.
Then, I start wraping the form from the bottom upward.
When I reach the other end, I crimp it, add hotglue, then pinch it to cover the wire.
I add weight to press it down while the hotglue cools. This is a container full of change, it is heavy but cute!
I make my bow next, and use the bowdabra to help me hold the ribbon before tieing it with a pipecleaner.
I do not fluff out my bow yet, but tie it on the form where I want it. You place it wherever you perfer.
I use twine, then hotglue a hanger. I add a small piece of the ribbon over it and glue it. This will give it a longer hold.
Once the bow and hanger is on, time to flip it back to the front and decorate. I make cute little twine flowers by wraping twine around my fingers, tie it in the middle, and place it on the wreath. I will alternate one cotton flower, then one twine flower with a cotton flower over it. These are real cotton flowers, very soft.
Then, with the cute little watering can and wedding crystal pick, I use it to look like water is flowing out of the can. I add it to the center of the bow, and lastly, I fluff my bow, and trim the tails on the ribbon. Simple, easy, and hobby lobby has the cutest accessories and choices for any wreath. Stop in there sometime. Please see my other videos on my youtube channel. I make many wreaths and other things like jewlery boxes and upcycle things, too. Bless!
PS I used hotglue but placed twine around the base of the pick that leaves the bond between the burlap and the watering can with a stronger hold.
Thank you for your time. Now final photos. Video included with this short description.
Pictures of the supplies for your reference --->
Suggested materials:
  • Candy Cane Form   (DollarTree)
  • All Other Items   (Hobby Lobby)
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