Crescent Moon Wreath

Missy Burch
by Missy Burch
7 Materials
5 Hours
I saw this wreath on the Spirit web site & decided I could make a cheaper & maybe cuter version of it. So I decided to do it! So here is my budget version for a heck of a lot cheaper. They list theirs for $25, mine cost less than $10.
This is the inspiration photo from the website. I didn't know if I could post a link or not. If you want to find it there, look under the Tarot section of items.
I will be adding these blue wire fairy lights.
I need black glitter.
Black spray paint
A plain raffia wreath.
Star stickers in gold, silver & blue I found at Walmart.
A little hand saw to cut my wreath.
A simple ponytail holder for the hanger.
First I cut the wreath in the crescent shape.
Then I got some gloves & spray painted, then glittered the wreath. You need to do this in sections, since it's hard to cover it all in one pass. You'll have to turn it, set it up on it's end- it's not easy to get this odd shape fully covered & glittered- it took several passes & a few hours.
Once it was all painted, glittered & dried, I added the lights, stars & the hanger.
Here it is- all done, lit up & in place. Pretty cute right? & all for less than half price!
Suggested materials:
  • Raffia wreath   (Dollar tree)
  • Star stickers   (Walmart)
  • Black spray paint   (Lowe's)
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