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For Christmas, my daughter is using gold and white decor. She wanted a feather wreath to hang on a large mirror in her living room. Rather than buying one, it was time for a DIY project! She’s happy with how it turned out and it looks great hanging on her mirror.
It only takes a few supplies to make this feather wreath. I used a 18′ Styrofoam wreath form, one bag of 45″ by 60″ batting, four packs of white feathers, one package of gold tipped feathers, pearl head pins and hot glue. I only had to buy the batting and feathers, so this was a very inexpensive wreath to make. I bought the white feathers and batting at Walmart and the gold tipped feathers at Michaels.
I began by cutting the batting into strips. Each strip was about three to four inches wide. It doesn’t need to be exact. I wrapped it around the wreath form and secured it in place with pearl head pins.
Starting at the center point of the bottom of the wreath, I began hot gluing feathers in place.
As more feathers were added, they were tucked beneath the previous layer. I added a small loop of ribbon to the back on the wreath for hanging. It’s hot glued and pinned in place.
To tie the white wreath in with her gold decor, I added a few accent feathers that have gold tips.
The gold tipped feathers add interest to the wreath. They are just tucked in place, not glued in.
Living in Charleston, we aren’t likely to have a White Christmas, but that doesn’t stop Gloria from creating one at her place. The faux fur stockings look great hanging on either side of the mirror. The white feather wreath goes perfectly with her decor.
This is an easy wreath to make with only a few supplies. It took about an hour to put it together.
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Suggested materials:
  • Foam Wreath Form
  • White Craft Feathers   (Walmart)
  • Gold Tipped Craft Feathers   (Michaels)
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  • Marcy Marcy on Nov 12, 2019

    I made a feather wreath years ago and I'm still using it. I started with a metal wreath form and wrapped a cord of 50 mini lights around the frame. Then I bought 3 feather boas (full boas not the skimpy ones) and wrapped them around. If you want you can add a couple of accents. I just love it. I also have another one without lights and it is just as lovely in case there is no way to get power to it and you don't like the battery lights.

  • Shelly Moore Shelly Moore on Nov 02, 2022

    I actually collected, dried and saved feathers from my ducks and chickens just for crafts. A few years ago I used an old white lampshade and hot glued white feathers all over it. Talk about a dust magnet! Hair dryer on low/cool fixes it right up!