DIY Project: The DollarTree Witch Hat Repurposed

Kimberly Jonesy
by Kimberly Jonesy
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2 Hours
Hello! I have been in love with the idea of repurposing the DollarTree witch hat. Last year, and they are all on my Youtube Channel, I made angels out of the hat. This year in 2018, I am bringing new ideas, orginality, and would like to share my first creative repurposed idea. This pretty idea will also include the Santa hat from DollarTree. I have also repurposed the patriotic hat from DollarTree as well. Information provided at the end.
First step: Remove the tinsel from both hats and save the tinsel. I sue it to decorate my outdoor shrubs and tree's in the winter time. I try to save everything. Living on disability and having a brain tumor, my budget is limited.
With the witch hat upside down and the santa hat facing upward, connet the two. Use pipecleaners, or zip ties or wire. I used piepcleaners.
Once this idea to place together both hats, you can clearly see where I am heading. I originally wanted an icecream cone wreath. Later as I went along, it looked to me like cotton candy treat instead. You can see both ideas. So I came up with 'Summertime Treat' wreath.
The DollarTree stocks burlap ribbon with lace. I am leaning toward a shabby chic art design. This wreath is going to my grand daughter. I will make another one for my other grand daughter as well, but, differently. This is my first try, and I only improve with time, like we all do. I wrapped the witch hat with this burlap.
Made a criss cross pattern with the second roll I purchased. Now time to cut tulle. I will use light pink, fushia, mint, and white tulle, and it is glittered fabric. I am working outdoors with it.
I ended up with 342 pieces of nine inch tulle. The idea is to tie it on on every part of the santa hat and only the top line of the witch hat-above the burlap. I mixed the colors to look like icecream, until, I ran out of white. I then used mint green, and it started to look like cotton candy to me instead of a strawberry swirl cone. Plus the tulle mimicks cotton candy, I think. My next one will be purple and I will alter the santa hat. Subscribe to my Youtube channel and watch for future ideas. Working on a mermaid as well with the witch hat.
This is how I tie on my tulle.
Backside view. After I tied on all my tulle, I spray coat both sides of the wreath BEFORE I add rhinestones. If you spray clear coat on with rhinestones, the coating will muck up the bling. Add bling last. But spray coat will stop the glitter from falling off.
Once the wreath is dried, I added the bling. I purchased this roll of ruffled burlap with rhinestones from Hobby Lobby.
One tip I would like to pass on-I wrap my tulle around a piece of folded cardboard that was nine inches tall and wide. I then cut the top and the bottom after I roll it on. It makes for a pile of tulle and saves alot of time.
I used jewelry wire to adhere the top roll of ruffles but the ruffles on the cone and the one sparkling rhinestone, I glued with hot glue.
PS This is the DollarTree lamp I made and then had used the ruffle and rhinestones to decorate the shade. Find out how I made it on my channel. I send my blessing out to you and your family. Happy Crafting!!
Miss Jones Bay City MI
Suggested materials:
  • DollarTree Witch Hat   (DollarTree)
  • DollarTree Santa Hat
  • Burlap with Lace   (DollarTree)
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