Dollar Store Front Porch Maintenance-Free Flower + Wreath

Sam Abe
by Sam Abe
I give my front porch a little lift with SOMETHING every Spring. So, I was already on the lookout for an inexpensive new colorful wreath. However, I hesitated planting my usual annual flowers as I knew I'd be traveling for weeks at a time for work and unable to care for them. Then, I found these faux daisies at Dollar Tree -- available in multiple colors -- and knew I'd found solutions to both problems.
2 for $1 Faux Gerbera Daisies
The way the flowers are made make any project nearly instantaneous to complete. The backs of each flower are thoughtfully equipped with alligator clips.
Purchased With Alligator Clips Already Secured!
I clipped my flowers to an old wire wreath form and had a bright new daisy wreath in less than 10 minutes. (I'd already planned to use a wire clothes hanger to make a circle if I couldn't locate the old wreath in the attic.)
The wreath looked so good, I decided to use the same idea with my porch planter and the pots on the porch stairs. All I needed were "stems" for my flowers which I located at the same dollar store in the party aisle: curvy kids' party straws!
And that's it! I have a colorful front porch and I don't have to worry about my flowers dying for lack of care during my long working weeks away. I've included a before & after for you and yes, I did also repaint my porch furniture, but that was a different day and hardly a project.
Also, please note: I'd do a LOT more for my porch but our HOA is a power-crazed organization that wants every home in our development to be identical. The manager has objected for 3 years in a row that my flowerpots aren't terra cotta. His head will probably explode when he realizes I used fake daisies and party sippy straws this year.
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