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Nancy S.
by Nancy S.
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After visiting family in Massachusetts I came home with an old car horn that belonged to my father. At first I used it as a dried flower vase since it easily rested upright but definitely wasn't living up to its glory days. A few weeks ago I rescued some nice old pieces of wood from the shed and have been busy finding uses for them. I had one perfect size piece that inspired this piece.
I started with the horn, a nice old piece of wood and a few hose clamps and screws to mount the horn. Since it was way to hot to work outside I took over the kitchen island for this project.
I had to dry fit the horn with the clamps to determine where I wanted to drill holes to mount the clamps to the wood. Just a mark with a sharpie pen then made a starter hole with a nail followed by a drill to complete the hole where I want to attach with screws.
I used a stencil I had on hand to personalize the board with black acrylic paint. It seems a little hard to read the script but it does say "toot your own horn".
I attached the hose clamps with short screws so they wouldn't go through the wood.
Put the horn in place, tightened the clamps and done! The project was pretty quick even with the stencil work.
I used two screws to attach it to the wall and it works great. I had to hang it next to my moose bell since I have a friend who loves to ring the bell when he comes to visit. Copy and paste this link to hear the horn!
Suggested materials:
  • Antique car horn   (mother's attic)
  • Wood plank   (on hand)
  • Hose clamps and screws   (on hand)
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