Easy & Cheap Annabelle Hydrangea Wreath For Fall

3 Materials
20 Minutes
I absolutely LOVE hydrangeas! These beautiful flowers bunch together to create giant blooms all summer long! Luckily for me, my neighbor has numerous hydrangea bushes that she lets me cut from in the fall. She is a master gardener, so she thinks when her Annabelle hydrangea turns green, the flowers are not as beautiful. But this is actually my favorite part of the flower's life cycle. Today I am going to show you an easy and cheap way to make a green hydrangea fall wreath.
So, I came up with a really easy and really cheap way to make a wreath out of these beautiful blooms. This project will surely cost you next to nothing and take 20 minutes of your time.

First, cut a large circle out of cardboard. It does not have to be a perfect circle, just get it close.
Cut out a smaller circle from the inside to create a cardboard ring. Now, the reason I used cardboard instead of a real wreath is because I wanted it to lay flat and it is hard to get a 3-dimensional wreath fully covered by hydrangea.
Use your scissors to puncture holes in the ring and string through some twine to hang it with. Be sure to have plenty of twine so you can hang it at the desired height on your front door or wherever.
Every four inches or so, puncture the cardboard with your scissors to make a hole. Poke the stem of the green hydrangea through the hole.
Use a hot glue gun to secure the stem from the back of the ring. Then trim off the excess stem. (I told you this was super easy).
I created my wreath with a variety of green hydrangea blooms at different life stages. A few are freshly picked and most are between 1-3 weeks old.
You do not need fancy materials to make a beautiful wreath this fall. Steal some green hydrangeas from your neighbor's garden and cut some cardboard to glue together adorable front door décor.

Thanks for reading! Stop by my blog to see the other decor I have made for fall in my home.
On another note, if you have more orange in mind for your fall decor, check out my 2016 and 2015 fall home tours!
Suggested materials:
  • Cardboard   (leftover TV box)
  • Hot glue/Glue gun   (Craft Store)
  • Hydrangea   (My neighbor's yard)
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