Easy Dollar Store Floral Decor With Mason Jar Design

by Knelso18
5 Materials
15 Minutes
I saw this similar project on my Hometalk Community Board. It's not exactly the same, but gave me an idea.
i had these dollar store flowers for months, and just knew they would come in handy at some point.
included in this post is my easy way to stencil on any projects.
Gather all the supplies. Glue gun, chalk, printed paper with design of mason jar and lettering, wood plaque, painters tape and flowers.
Cut out all your mason jar and welcome lettering.
All cut and ready to show you how to stencil.
Turn over and cover with chalk.
You can see chalk on backside of plain white paper designs. Use regular white paper... printed using my computer with the design I wanted.
Turn over, chalk side down then place On wood plaque. Use tape to hold in place. Then lightly use a pencil to trace the design...
Take off The paper, and you will see your design on the project.
Then take the welcome lettering and place chalk side down to the location where you want it. Again trace using the pencil.
All done and ready to color...
Using Sharpie pens decided on color to trace my pink stencil.
Finished mason jar. Used white chalk to shade in the jar alittle.
Using hot glue gun added flowers and baby's breath...
Here is the finished product. I am going to be placing on my door at work. We have glass doors and being a pretty easy going workplace, anything goes. Some people put on gel stick ups on the door. The reason is with total glass doors, you don't want to walk into the door. I will be using a 3M small hook on the glass to hold on.
Close up of flowers I glued on. I liked the idea of putting tons of flowers on my board.
Suggested materials:
  • Small white pallet   (Crafts direct)
  • Sharpie markers   (Amazon)
  • Artificial flowers   (Dollar store)
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