Easy Fall Burlap Wreath Instructions

1 Hour
This simple autumn wreath is highly customizable and will look great on your entry way door. Click here to see my blog post!
Easy Fall Burlap Wreath Materials:

• 18″ Wrapped Burlap Wreath 

• 12′ 2 1/2″ wide Wire Edged Ribbon

• Bow

• Pumpkin – light weight, wrapped foam

• Assorted Fall Flowers

• Floral Picks

• Wire Cutters

• Glue Gun

• Hot Glue Sticks

• Floral Tape
• Wrap your burlap wreath with wire edged ribbon.

• If you purchased bushes of flowers, clip them off the bush. You want individually stemmed flowers.

• Measure the flowers against the wreath and eyeball where they will hit when inserted. That is where you want to cut the stem.

• On this wreath, everything was laid out before cutting or inserting. You want to do that for space and proportions. If, after inserting everything you decide you need more flowers, you can definitely add more!

• Pick and wrap your floral stems.
• Acorns were the base underneath the pumpkin. They were laid down, and then the pumpkin placed on top. This was for spacing purposed.

• The acorns were wrapped and inserted, and so was the pumpkin, but the pumpkin was also hot-glued in place. 

• Sunflowers and other fall flowers were used to fill in the hole between the acorns and the pumpkin. 

• The wisps were added. This is one sided, so all the wisps flowed out.
• This is a close-up of the floral.

• A bow was added near the top. Depending on how you plan on orienting the hanging, you may want to bow across from the floral, or at the top (or somewhere in between!).
• This is a simple wreath craft to make. Just be certain your pumpkin has a foam underlay (I cannot stress this enough), that your flowers have a “theme” (in this case autumn), that you wrap and pick your flowers (for easy adjustments) and that you check proportions and space before hot gluing anything down.

For complete instructions, click here.
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