Fall Wreath From A Repurposed Funnel And Wine Barrel

There's Two Ultimate Truths about old wine barrels:
1.They're very cool looking.
2.They fall apart if you look crosseyed at them.
Because of this, I have a lot of wine barrel parts lying about which I've kept in the hopes of someday finding a way to repurpose them. That someday is today! :)
Here's what you'll need:

Wine barrel wood stave

Wine barrel metal ring

Metal funnel

Jute twine

Plastic ziplock bag- quart size

Rubber bands

Petunia plant


Hot glue sticks & gun


Hole saw and drill

Measuring tape
Measure the width of the wine barrel ring and cut a notch on each end of the wood stave accordingly. I used a stave that had the cork hole for the barrel, so there was already a place for the funnel. If your stave doesn't have the cork hole, cut a hole to fit the funnel spout using a hole saw and drill.
Check the fit of the stave in the ring. It should fit snugly and feel very stable when you hold the ring up from the top. This pic has a burlap bow tied on the bottom of the ring, but I decided not to use it afterwards.
After checking for fit and adjusting it if needed, take the stave out of the wine barrel ring and fit the funnel into the hole in the middle. Since I didn't cut the hole to fit the funnel, I used a little hot glue to stabilize it. Fit the stave back into the ring.
Plant the petunias in the funnel. If you can fit the pot the petunias came in inside the funnel, you can just do it that way, but the pot my petunias came in was way too big. Tie some jute twine in a bow around the bottom of the funnel for pretties. :) Hot glue the gourds onto the bottom of the wine barrel ring. Make a loop of jute twine around the top of the wine barrel ring, tie the ends together, and use the loop to hang up the wreath.

Enjoy your new beautiful Fall wreath! :)

Though it may look like it will topple, it doesn't swing any more than any other wreath I've had from normal opening and closing the door. I wouldn't recommend slamming the door though.

Check the petunias often and add more as needed. Feel free to use artificial flowers instead; I only used real ones because I really like petunias! :)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! :) Click on the link below to see this and other great projects on my blog!

Michelle @ The Painted Hinge

The Painted Hinge
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