How to Make a Dried Grass & Flower Wreath

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Are you looking for the perfect wreath to transition from Summer to Fall? Today I’m going to show you how to make a dried grass & flower wreath that’s perfect for your front door or inside your home.

It’s that time of the year when I’m ready to pack up my bright Summer flower wreath but it’s way too early to put out anything pumpkin!

Well, I have the perfect solution! Today I’m going to show you the dried grass & flower wreath that I just made. It was simple to put together and boy, it is pretty!!


There are quite a few places to find dried flowers and grasses. Most of the craft store chains have a supply in stock. I usually find cool dried pods and flowers at Trader Joe’s too; that’s where I found the cattails a while back.

For the baby’s breath, I did buy the one I linked up above because I loved the beigey color of it but you could always buy a fresh bouquet and dry it out yourself. There was some growing in my garden but critters ate it all!!!

One note of caution, I don’t recommend ordering the dried wheat off of Amazon…so many of the comments mention them being infested with bugs…gross!!!

The first thing that I added to the straw wreath form was the dried wheat. Using a pair of snips I trimmed down the wheat leaving just a few inches of the stalk.

Some of the pieces of the dried wheat I could just poke into the straw wreath to put into place but for most of them, I had to use hot glue to secure (the stems were just bending when I was trying to stick them into the wreath).

The wheat was arranged so it was all going in the same direction around the entire wreath form

After the wheat was all in, I popped in a few of the dried cattails around the wreath. If you have trouble finding them you could leave them out of your wreath and it will look great! I had them on hand from last Fall.

Next up on the wreath are the dried bunny tails…they are just so fuzzy and cute!! Bunny tails look so pretty in a vase too for a simple, natural look!

Keep that glue gun on, because the bunny tails have delicate stems and although most of them I could poke into the wreath some had to be glued into place.

Not only is the baby’s breath a pretty and delicate addition to this natural wreath but it also helps fill in all the gaps and provides cover to the wheat stems.

I went around the entire wreath and added small clusters of the baby’s breath on both the inside opening of the wreath and near the outer edges of the straw wreath form.

After I had finished the wreath and went out to my garden I noticed dried yarrow flowers on one of my plants so I decided to cut a few to add to the wreath.

Finished Dried Grass & Flower Wreath

Finished Dried Grass & Flower Wreath

I wish you could see this in “real life” because the texture and the different tones of the grasses and flowers in the wreath look so beautiful!

I’m hanging it on the inside of my front door, for now, that way I can see it from my kitchen and living room.

If you want to hang it outside it would need to be in a protected place so it won’t get wet…you might have birds munching on it too!!

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Suggested materials:
  • Straw Wreath Form
  • Assorted Dried Flowers & Grasses
Jennifer Howard| Cottage On Bunker Hill
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