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One of my favorite ways to usher in the new seasons is with a new door wreath. This Fall I decided to DIY a neutral Fall pampas grass wreath.

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Last year I found these fun faux pampas grass stems at my friends' shop.

For my Fall decor last year I simply put them all in a vintage bucket and called it good.

But this year when I opened my Fall decor totes I felt inspired to put these pretty stems on the front door.

That way, everyone who came to our house would be greeted with them.

Last Years DIY Dried Grass Wreath

My Fall wreath from last year was made from natural dried grasses I found around here in Ohio.

That wreath still looks AMAZING!

I had to remove the goldenrod, but otherwise, the thistle and the grasses look as good as the day I picked them.

Honestly, I can’t believe the dried grasses have held up as good as they have.

But this year I wanted something a little different.

Honestly, when I look at both of these Fall wreathes side by side I have to laugh at myself.

They’re clearly different.

But you can see that they came from the same inspiration.

Does Pampas Grass Last Forever?

We can’t grow pampas grass here in Ohio, which is why last year I used dried grasses.

But I’ve done a little research because I could still go buy dried pampas grass, and it should last 3-4 years.

But I decided to go with the faux version because it will last as long as I take care of it.

Neutral Fall Pampas Grass Wreath

Remember my early Fall entryway post last week?

I’m taking the same approach for getting ready for Fall with my Fall pampas grass wreath as I did with my entryway.

I’m keeping it neutral and earthy.

Then when I’m ready to go all out with pumpkins and warm & cozy colors I’ll just add them to this foundation.

It might seem like extra work, but for me implementing this process has actually made decorating the house for Fall so much easier.

If you want to figure out my steps for transitioning from Summer to Fall and how it has helped me have less stress in the process go check out that post.

Neutral Fall Pampas Grass Wreath : Supplies

  • Grapevine wreath
  • Greenery / fall foliage
  • Pampas grass stem
  • Large white flower
  • 2 Small neutral flowers
  • white berries
  • Floral wire
  • Wire cutters

How do you make a Pampas Wreath?

Neutral Fall Pampas Grass Wreath : Instructions

HELPFUL HINT: I learned this after I finished this wreath. But if you hang your wreath and add the different pieces while the ring is hanging it makes the process easier.

I did this wreath with it laying on the ground.

When I finished this Fall pampas grass wreath and went to hang it up I noticed that some of the greenery and the pampas grass flopped over different than I expected.

So I had to fiddle with this is a little to make them lay the way I wanted.

Gravity…geez! haha!

So skip this step by starting with the grapevine wreath hanging on a hook of some kind.

Then begin adding all the different elements.

Step 1.

The first thing I did was add the greenery.

I didn’t use a hot glue gun for this project. I simply used floral wire to secure the stems to the wreath.

For every season, I like to create a different wreath.

This way I can use the same grapevine wreath for all the different designs I choose.

Step 2.

Next, I added one stem of the pampas grass. This stem was actually thick enough that I could secure it to the wreath by pushing it in-between the grapevines.

But I added wire because it was going to be hanging on the front door which gets a lot of movement at my house.

Step 3.

To hide the pampas grass stem I placed 1 large white flower, and 2 other neutral smaller flowers at the base of the stem.

Step 4.

Lastly, I added a cluster of neutral dried berries to the wreath just below the flowers.

That is it! This Fall wreath is finished!

It took less than 30 minutes to finish and now that it’s done I’ve received many compliments from those who’ve come through the door.

My favorite compliments came from my girls and my husband though.

Creating a home that they appreciate is more valuable than any compliment I could ever receive.

How to Hang a Fall Pampas Grass Wreath?

Do you remember my Spring front door wreath?

It was also asymmetrical, but because I used embroidery hoops, it was harder to keep balanced.

I had to use a clear fishing line to secure the wreath to the hook because it kept sliding.

Since I decided to go with a warmer and cozier grapevine wreath I didn’t have this problem.

I simply hooked the grapevines into the hook and voila!

It was all done!

I really like this clear suction hook.

We bought it a long time ago, but I’m sure you could find one just about anywhere.

I used to use a hook that you slide over the top of the door, but it scratched the door and made it more difficult to close it.

When I discovered this in our tote of Christmas decor last year I pulled it out and haven’t put it back since!

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Suggested materials:
  • Grapevine wreath
  • Greenery
  • Pampas grass stem
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