Leftovers Wreath

Here's a wreath made of things I already had on hand that can be used for different seasons or holidays.
It was one of those days. I wanted a project, so I dug out a square wreath form I had on hand and challenged myself to do something with it using a skein of yarn I had purchased from a dollar store months ago.
This was an eyelash yarn - more cream than white.
With no particular plan in mind, I tied the end of the yarn onto the wreath and started wrapping.
It was obvious that I wouldn't have enough yarn to go around the entire wreath, so I just wrapped it around selected spots - the middle sections of all 4 sides of the wreath.
I decided to use rope to fill in the empty spots on my square. As I began wrapping the rope around the form, I didn't like how thick the rope was getting as I went around the tip of the corner, so I stopped just short of the corner on each side. I also pushed the wrapped yarn together a little tighter as I worked with the rope to keep the yarn out of my way.
I did all 4 corners the same way - leaving the actual corners of the wreath empty. Next, I cut the remainder of my yarn into 4 equal pieces and used one of the pieces to wrap the first corner. It was just long enough to cover the entire corner.
After all 4 corners were covered, I spread out the wrapped yarn on each side of the wreath, so there wasn't any space between the yarn and the rope.
Hmm. What next? I had some chalkboard stickers and wrote F-A on one and L-L on the other. I then centered the stickers on some canvas tags and attached the tags to the top center of the wreath. Next came a green floral clip - also at the top center. No need for glue - just clipped it onto the yarn.
Since our fall weather can be pretty harsh in the U.P., I put the wreath on the inside of our front door. You may think that's crazy, but our front door is rarely used and can't be seen from the road.
I switched out the floral clip for an orange one a couple of weeks later. I know this wreath is a bit unconventional, but I like it - and it can easily morph into something different for other seasons. For example, I could replace the tags with an ornament and add a poinsettia clip for Christmas.
Since I had everything on hand, I'm calling this one my Leftovers Wreath.
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Julie@Cut Off in the Keweenaw
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