Making Some NFL Wreaths for the Family to Get the Season Started.

Tammy Brenner
by Tammy Brenner
Our family loves football so to get the season started I made each of the kids, their spouses & a few close friends some NFL wreaths of their teams. I thought I'd share them because even if you don't like football you can make other wreaths with different fabric. (Fall, Christmas, Valentines Day, etc....) Their super easy to make. I liked the rough edges so I just used scissors to cut the fabric. I didn't measure anything out I just eyed it all. I made 3 different sizes because I worked with what I had. You cut strips of fabric about 4" across and length of fabric, then you cut into squares about the same. I like the hard Styrofoam wreaths. Then you take a small screwdriver and put in the center of one of your squares and gather it around on wrong side of fabric, dip the pattern side in a little glue if you wish then poke into wreath. I didn't make all of them using glue the fabric went in very tight so I skipped that step. Just continue filling in until your happy with fullness. Mine cost between $3.50 to $6.00 each to make, but I had picked up wreaths on clearance at Target last Halloween for .50 each just to have because I make a lot of wreath for each holiday. I also used some pillow cases I had for the fabric in some. I would say they would cost between $13.00 to $18.00 if you bought fabric on sale & used your 40% off coupons. The NFL fabric is what's expensive but I only used 1/4 of a yard on each side. I also had some of it left over from another project.
This ones my husbands & mine.
For our friend & her husband Dolphins/ Niner's.
For my girlfriend whose a Dallas fan.
Our daughter & her husbands. Dolphins/Green Bay. I have to finish this one. I still need to find the Green Bay material to add to it.
I had all the material so I made another one just in case one of our sons wanted one. If not I'll hang in our family room with all the other Dolphin stuff.
Our other daughter & her boyfriend. Dolphins/Dallas
All of them complete.
First step cutting fabric into stips about 4" wide.
Step 2 cut into squares
The wreath I used. It was from Targets $1.00 section last Halloween. I got on clearance for .50 cents.
Then you just take each square put small screw driver in center of square hold & poke into wreath.
The last step wrapping fabric around screwdriver . Hard to take picture of this step.
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Tell us about this photo
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  • Patricia Patricia on Mar 09, 2018

    So clever and a great way for couples or families that root for opposing teams to be given equal support. Great job!

  • April April on Dec 16, 2020

    I love it!! I am going to do baseball on one side and football on the other for a friend!! Thank you for sharing!!!