Modern Farmhouse Fall Wreath DIY: Easy Farmhouse Fall Decor

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This DIY modern farmhouse fall wreath is a beautiful way to add autumn accents to your front door. Learn how to craft modern farmhouse fall decor with this simple, yet elegant fall hoop wreath tutorial. My fall decorating idea includes step-by-step instructions on how to make a modern farmhouse fall wreath, along with a video tutorial of the process.

This hoop wreath tutorial shows you how to craft elegant, modern farmhouse fall decor. By using a steel ring hoop, faux floral and pumpkin picks from your local craft store, you can create a professional fall wreath for your front door. The completed DIY farmhouse fall wreath looks so good, your neighbors are guaranteed to ask you where you bought it. Whether you decide to make more and sell them, well, that’s up to you!

How to Make a Modern Farmhouse Fall Wreath

Crafting a modern farmhouse fall wreath doesn’t have to be complicated. I’ve created a video on how to make my fall wreath so you can easily follow the steps to make your own. You can also read my instructions on crafting this farmhouse fall decorating idea below. Or print out the how to card to easily work offline.

I purchased my materials for this fall decorating project at Hobby Lobby. However, you can find similar materials at other craft stores in your area, or online. Don’t be afraid to make substitutions for supplies if you can’t find the exact ones I used. Your wreath will still look beautiful. Plus, swapping out the picks and faux florals will make your wreath unique to your taste and creative style.

If you love decorating your home for each new season, then you’ll want to learn how to make this DIY farmhouse fall wreath! Once you’ve mastered the steps to make this modern farmhouse fall wreath, you can recreate it for each new season. Whether you craft entirely new wreaths for your front door as the seasons change, or swap out the pumpkins for other seasonal elements to save time and money, this hoop wreath tutorial is an inexpensive way to decorate your home throughout the year.

Materials and Tools Needed

14”  Steel Ring Hoop

1 Faux Cream & Brown Berry Pick

1 Faux Cream Astilbe Bush Pick

2 Eucalyptus Picks

4 Faux Floral Flocked Lambs Ear Picks

2 Small Cream Floral Pumpkin Picks

1 Large Cream Floral Pumpkin Pick

Floral Wire & Wire Cutters

12” piece of Natural Jute String



To make a DIY farmhouse fall wreath, begin by laying out four lambs ear floral picks onto a metal hoop to gauge spacing. Three of the lambs ear picks should face up to give the appearance that they are growing upwards. The bottom most faux lambs ear pick should be placed in the opposite direction so it appears to be growing sideways from the wreath.

Now use the floral wire to attach one floral lambs ear pick to metal hoop. Do this by wrapping floral wire around the stem in two places. Then wrap the wire around the stem and the metal hoop ring several times. Next, twist the ends of the floral wire together like the twist ties on a loaf of bread to secure. Make sure to attach one of the lambs ear picks in the opposite direction of the others, overlapping the stems.

Once secured, attach the remaining three lambs ear picks to the steel ring hoop.

Now that the lambs ear has been installed on the fall hoop wreath, snip apart the eucalyptus picks using wire cutters. I used four floral sprigs of eucalyptus for this step. This used one full pick along with one cutting from a second pick.

Place the eucalyptus in between the lambs ear picks. Then attach the eucalyptus to the metal wire hoop using the floral wire. If desired, you can add more eucalyptus than called for in my tutorial to create a fuller wreath for your modern farmhouse fall decor.

Once the eucalyptus has been added to the wreath, cut apart three branches of the floral astilbe bush pick using wire cutters. Place a sprig near the top, middle and bottom of the fall wreath. Then attach with floral wire.

Follow with the cream and brown berry picks. Pull apart the berry picks to create two sprigs. Attach one of the berry sprigs near the bottom of the wreath and attach with floral wire. Then add the second sprig about 1/3 of the way from the top of the wreath.

The pumpkins can now be added to this modern farmhouse fall wreath to give it a truly autumnal look that’s perfect for decorating from Halloween through Thanksgiving. To add the pumpkins to the hoop wreath, bend the pumpkin stems in order to allow the pumpkins to sit on the wreath when attached.

Attach the large pumpkin pick to the wreath first, using floral wire. Then attach smaller pumpkin picks to each side of the wreath using the same process. If you notice the pumpkins don’t want to stay in place, you can tighten the wire, or apply a bit of hot glue.

You will now add the jute rope loop that will be used to hang your modern farmhouse fall wreath. You will use a 12” piece of jute rope for this step.

To create a hanger for your wreath, first thread one end of the jute rope under a leaf, then around the stems and metal ring hoop. Continue to bring that end of the jute all the way around until it is even with the other end. Then tie a tight knot around the wreath.

Next, take the remaining two ends of the rope and tie them into a knot to create the loop hanger. Then trim off the remaining excess rope.

Finally, trim off any excess floral stems with wire cutters. Hang the wreath first to see how it displays. Then cut off any florals that awkwardly poke out or impair the wreath from hanging flat against the surface. If there is excess floral wire, simply tuck it under or trim off the extra.

Tips for Making a Modern Farmhouse Wreath Using a Metal Hoop Ring

Working with Floral Wire

To make crafting your fall hoop wreath a little easier, here are some of my tips on working with floral wire.

When tying the floral stems to the metal hoop ring, be sure to wrap the wire around each of the stems two to three times. Additionally, the wire needs to be as tight as possible in order to keep the stems from sliding down or around on the metal hoop.

By using only floral wire to make your DIY farmhouse fall wreath, you have the ability to rearrange pieces or re-use these materials next season with new colors or elements. This allows you to create another modern hoop wreath with the same look and feel as the one you’ve just made.

However, if necessary, you can use floral tape and hot glue to better secure the elements onto the metal ring.

How to Keep the Pumpkins in Place

If you aren’t experienced with making hoop wreaths, it may take several tries to get the wire tight enough to hold the faux pumpkins in place. However, if you’re not able to tie the wire tight enough for the pumpkins to stay in position, you can cut off the stems. Then simply use hot glue to attach the pumpkins to the desired location on your wreath.

Just keep in mind that the pumpkins may not be reusable once they’ve been attached using hot glue.

Tips on How to Make Your Fall Wreath Hang Correctly

While the pumpkins are lightweight, they are also the heaviest feature on the wreath. Therefore, tying the jute rope hanger in the correct place on the wreath is imperative to make sure the wreath hangs correctly.

To do this, you should first determine which spot is to be the top of the wreath prior to tying the jute onto the wreath. Then test how the wreath hangs by holding the wreath up in that spot with your finger. 

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