My Christmas Wreath Cost $1.00

by Kim
I wanted to make a new wreath and not spend any money. I used things that I had and I only spent $1.00 on a small spool of ribbon to complete the project.
I had an old picture frame and some beautiful sparkly white wire ribbon. I sprayed the frame with silver spray that I had in the cupboard.
I chose 5 ornaments out of my Christmas box. I purchased some small transparent silvery ribbon to hang the ornaments from the top of the frame. I used the same ribbon to hang the frame from my front door.
So here are all the elements. I paid just $1.00 for the small ribbon at Walmart. Everything else I had.
I made a pom-pom bow with the wire ribbon, attached it to the bottom of the frame and then I hung the wreath on my door with a long ribbon. I used a command hook on the inside of the door and placed the hook upside down. You can see other projects on my blog, Letters from the Shore.
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