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Lisa Cain
by Lisa Cain
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I love pulling things out of my craft room, and trying to figure out how it will all work together. It usually starts with a main "piece" and then I just start grabbing things out, and working them in. This wreath with WOOD background turned out beautiful, and it not only can go on a door, but mantle, shelf anywhere. And I didn't spend a cent. And....the secret to "re-purposing" is at the bottom.
Started out with a piece of pallet wood I had, which I had already sanded, and then stained. I was going to clamp bottles onto it and put flowers in them as I have done before, but I didn't have the right made me think....what ELSE can I do.
I had bought this wreath vine awhile back. I also had some fake berries, so I put the berries all around the wreath in various colors, intertwining the stems into the vine. There is a reason for not gluing these and the other items which I will explain soon. Then I found a few more items in my room.
I used two nails to hold the vine onto the board. I also had this $1 peace sign, some red burlap and some twine. I "jimmied" the peace sign inside the vine so it's not glued. I overlapped the burlap behind and then tied the twine on to hold the burlap. The REASON for not using glue in all of this, is so you can take anything off, and redo the vine for another season or color or anything. Or just reuse the piece of wood for something else. Genius! Yes, I patted myself on the back afterwards for re-purposing again and again and again.
Suggested materials:
  • Pallet wood
  • Twine wreath
  • Burlap
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