Summer Garden Hose Wreath for the Potting Shed

7 Materials
15 Minutes
I’m spending most of my free time weeding, watering and puttering around the Potting Shed. I decided my shed front door was in need of a fresh and updated blooming wreath!
This is a quick and easy project for your shed door, fence, gate, or nook on the porch where you want to plant some garden charm! Once you have your materials gathered to decorate your hose wreath, you can assemble it in less than 15 minutes.
Gather your materials for your wreath. Let your creativity bloom. . .'plant' your garden hose wreath with small pots, seed packets, tools or anything that says ‘garden’ to you. If you want to be extra fancy, add some ribbon to embellish your wreath.
I had a bright green colored hose but I decided it was a little too vibrant for late summer, so I picked up a 15-foot hose in a more muted shade of green for $8 from Lowe's. A 25-foot hose is also a good size as a wreath for your door, anything much larger tends to be cumbersome and unwieldy.
For quick and easy assembly, coil your hose to desired size and use cable ties to secure it. Cable ties are one of the greatest things ever invented IMHO and are available in various colors and strengths. They’re inexpensive, hold things securely and can be removed later. If you're not familiar with cable or zip ties, they're usually sold where the wiring and electrical supplies are sold in home improvement stores.
I chose some vintage garden tools I had. . .a pair of old rake heads, gloves, Wellies, a watering can and a sweet little roosting pocket. The roosting pocket is designed to the give birds shelter in cold, wet and windy weather, but I’ve only used it decoratively.
I had an old hose nozzle that I added to lend some vintage charm to the hose wreath.
The wellies and the gloves both had tabs on the back that I ran the cable ties through to secure them. The wellies are hanging from the teeth of one of the rake heads.
A well-used pair of vintage garden clippers hangs at top. The clippers have a space between the blades and the handle to slip it over the wreath hanger to secure them.
I placed plastic cups inside the wellies filled with water as vases for Limelight Hydrangeas that are blooming.
If you’re looking for an easy to grow, low maintenance shrub in your garden that will provide you with both beautiful cut and dried flowers, plant a Limelight Hydrangea...or five! Read my public service announcement on how to grow, prune and care your Limelight Hydrangeas, HERE.
I’ve been stalking butterflies, hummingbirds and moths with my camera lately. They provide some welcome color in the heat of summer when the flowers are waning and add another dimension to the garden. See more photos of these winged beauties and blooms, here.
This is also a great project and way to repurpose an old hose that's too heavy or sprung a leak! You can even cut it down to size if needed.

More photos and details of the Potting Shed and summer garden flowers at the blog link below!
Suggested materials:
  • 15 foot garden hose   (Lowe's)
  • Cable ties   (had, Lowe's)
  • Vintage garden tools   (had)
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