Wine Barrel And Bottle Wreath Tutorial

Okay, I know I’m totally ripping off my own project (Funnel And Wine Barrel Wreath Tutorial), but I just couldn’t help myself… I had this idea in my head ever since I did that wreath and I had to get it OUT of there! :)
Basically, the only difference is I replaced the funnel with the top half of a wine bottle. I wanted to do it this way because the whole thing sticks to a “wine” theme. I also like that I can plug up the bottom of the wine bottle with a cork (still sticking to the wine theme here) and fill with water for cut flowers or even dirt for a plant. If it’s the latter, I can move the wreath over a sink, take the cork out, water the plant, let it drain, cork it back up and hang it again.
Of course, you don’t have to use either of these those to fill it… you can use dried flowers, silk flowers, etc., or whatever you like! :)

So here’s the directions to make this again… just remember when you see a funnel, think wine bottle :) I’m not going to go into how to cut the wine bottle in half… there’s a ton of tutorials online on how to do it. I used the nail polish and string technique, but use whatever technique works best for you.
Here’s what you’ll need:

•Wine barrel wood stave

•Wine barrel metal ring

•Top half of a wine bottle

•wine cork

•Jute twine

•Hot glue sticks & gun


•Hole saw and drill

•Measuring tape
Measure the width of the wine barrel ring and cut a notch on each end of the wood stave accordingly. I used a stave that had the cork hole for the barrel, so there was already a place for the wine bottle. If your stave doesn’t have the cork hole, cut a hole to fit the wine bottle neck using a hole saw and drill.
Check the fit of the stave in the ring. It should fit snugly and feel very stable when you hold the ring up from the top. This pic has a burlap bow tied on the bottom of the ring, but I decided not to use it afterwards.
After checking for fit and adjusting it if needed, take the stave out of the wine barrel ring and fit the wine bottle into the hole in the middle. Since I didn’t cut the hole to fit the wine bottle, I used a little hot glue to stabilize it. Fit the stave back into the ring.
Make a loop of jute twine around the top of the wine barrel ring, tie the ends together, and use the loop to hang up the wreath. Fill the wine bottle with whatever you like. I like zinnias :)

I hope you enjoyed this new little twist to one of my old projects!

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