Anthropologie Inspired DIY Knife Block

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I saw a knife block last year at Anthropologie and just fell in love with them. I needed/wanted the larger size, which rang in at close to $70. I can be frugal and knew that I could make one for much less than that… $50 less. I didn’t keep the exact tally, but I think my wood project boards came to about $12 and I used about 10 packages of skewer sticks (which were .97 a piece). I came in at just over $20.
I know your curious about the process, so I’ll give you a step-by-step.
DIY Anthro Inspired Knife Block
1. Decide on your size (based on knife sizes). I knew that I wanted mine to be about 12 inches tall by 12 long. Buy boards. I bought project craft wood pieces (found in the lumber aisle) that were 3/8″ x 4″ x 36″. You will need enough pieces (my pieces were 12 inches) for all sides (8 total).
Mark your wood at 12 inches and use a saw to cut.

2. Repeat on all pieces. You will end up with 8 pieces total.
3. Take three pieces and wood glue and then clamp together. Repeat with another three pieces so that you have (2) sets of three pieces glued together. Let dry.
4. Attach one 12 inch board (the bottom piece) to an end 12 inch board using a brad gun.
Then attach 1 of the glued 3-piece boards to the bottom and to the end board.

4. Repeat until you have attached all pieces.
6. If you have uneven wood at the top, then go crazy with the orbital sander.
7. Use wood filler in all the brad holes. Let dry and lightly sand.
8. Stain. Let Dry. Fill with Bamboo Skewers.
I wondered how well the knifes would stick in place and they haven’t budged. It’s really perfect for them.

I saved $50 and made my knife block a tad less rustic which is PERFECT for me!

If you'd like to see more pictures, feel free to stop by my blog!
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