5 Minute Christmas Swags--Because Every Room Can Use Some Swag!

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I’m all about these 5 minute Christmas decorations this week, you guys. For real, my attention span when it comes to decorating is like 3 minutes, so by the time we are at five minutes, if we aren’t done, I’ve already mentally moved onto a new project…one that probably involves demo or table saws.
So these quick little projects are my jam this year with my Christmas décor. Speaking of jamming, do yourself a favor and buy Chicago’s Christmas album. BEST. CHRISTMAS. ALBUM. EVER. Just play it on repeat and thank me later :)
So anyway…back to the swags…I made several of these little Christmas swags one night while supper was cooking and they are so multipurpose, you can find a place for a couple in every room. And I did. And I will show you. Oh and to top it off, because you guys know me…..THEY ARE CHEAP.
I can’t believe I’m posting about this, because I feel like it’s so easy, it doesn’t need a tutorial, but mom keeps telling me to post one (though she doesn’t read my blog…what’s the deal, mom?), so here we go.
First make a small (or big) bow with some Christmas ribbon. If you don't know how to make a bow with ribbon, check out the detailed instructions in the blog post link below.
Tie the bow with wire, then twist it around the stem of a small swag. You can find these at the craft store.
Then twist the wire around a long loop of ribbon. I used a different ribbon than I made the bow with, but you could use the same ribbon if you wanted.
Then hang wherever you want! Check out the link below to see all the places I hung mine, but here is one idea:
These are so quick, easy, and versatile! You can literally find a place for a few in every room in the house and it's a fun, easy way to add some Christmas decorations! For more quick and easy Christmas ideas, click the link below!
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