Awesome Christmas Tree From Scrap Wood!

by Shane_conlan
How to make a Christmas Tree from old scrap wood. In this case l used pallet wood and old hardwood fence palings. This Christmas Tree project is really simple and lends itself to the use of old recycled wood, especially pallets.
Two pallet wood slats.
Eight to Ten Hardwood Fence Palings
One block of 4x4 around one foot long.
One length of 10mm Booker (metal threaded rod) approximately 1.2 metres (4 foot) long with three sets of nuts and washers.
Drop saw or circular saw.
10mm drill bit and 25mm (1 inch) Spade bit.
Spanner to do up the nuts.
Grinder or hack saw to cut the metal threaded rod to length.
Nail gun, or hammer and nails.
Skill Level:
Just above beginner.
Thanks for taking the time to watch my Christmas Tree video. If you could give the video the thumbs up it would be much appreciated.
Hope you have Safe & Merry Xmas!
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