Bringing New Life Into Old Planter Pots

by Melanie
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Every year I try to create new winter planters. This year I decided to use things I had at home instead of buying and making. I am a collector of planters, I tend to go nuts in the summer with planters all over my yard then end up with a pile of empty planters come fall. I do not throw them out. Much to my hubby's dismay as my collection sits behind the shed. Move downstairs to our work room where I also have a collection of spray paint from various projects. So I decided to use both to create my planters this year.

So here is my collection of spray paints. Please note I found another red one that did not make it in this picture but you will see further on.

Here are some of my planters I will be using. ( I still have about 10 left) Remove any dirt using soap and water and let dry. Once dry it's time to start painting.

So to save time and space here is a collage of some of my pots painted. They required 2 coats of paint, allow drying time in between. I am loving how these turned out so far.

On one of my pots I wanted to create a two tone effect. So I chose this blue and silver.

To do this you will need some painters tape and a blade to cut tape.

Using my painters tape I taped around the upper half of my pot. Then sprayed it with the silver. Once dry I covered the silver with painters tape and sprayed with the blue. This paint was car paint and due to the color of the pot and being plastic it kind of took on a color of it's own. Not the blue I was expecting. I covered several times. Or maybe the paint was old as this was for a vehicle I had about 10 years ago. Lol

So here are my two tone planters.

Next step is to fill with boughs. I cut mine every year from my mom's backyard. I refuse to pay the crazy prices some places charge. I fill my pots with soil from my gardens.

Start cutting and arranging your boughs. Building your planters up to the desired shape. Add fillers such as birch, red branches, berries etc or head to your dollar store for the glittery stuff

I had an assortment of this stuff I had collected over the years from various projects and this was a good way to use every thing up.

So here are my planters according to the color of the pot.

Red pots!

Blue snowman hanging baskets!

The Grinch hanging basket. My favorite!

My two tone silver and blue.

You may be wondering what I am going to do with all these pots. They will be gifts for friends and family!

Suggested materials:
  • Planter pots
  • Spray paints
  • Assorted boughs and fillers
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  • Cindy Hacker Cindy Hacker on Nov 25, 2021

    I love the natural look of the boughs but do they stay green?

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