Candy Striped Tree

by Judy
3 Materials
25 Minutes

This year I had to change my decorations because I’m recovering from surgery so imagination was called upon.

I love holiday decorating and wanted it to be cute without being able to get my things out of the attic.

I got my inspiration from the candy liners I had.

So, a candy stripped tree it is!

For the garland I made a simple single stitch garland in dark red and white separately.

I took into consideration the diameter of the tree and it could have been a bit longer to allow more draping. But here it’s is about 30’ long.

My inspiration was these candy or cupcake liners. How cute are these?!

A stripped tree was easy to do,

with what I had on hand.

Draping the yarn garland as I wanted brought he tree to life.

My disaappointment from my beloved decorations not being out turned into excitement of how this was turning out!

Add a few candy canes and WALLAH!!

I did manage to have one decoration mom sent me.

So, necessity is the mother of invention and this has made me very happy and accomplished even with my injury’s limitations.

Suggested materials:
  • Yarn   (Walmart)
  • Minincupcake liners   (Walmart)
  • Candy canes   (Walmart)
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