Christmas Candle Holder From Unusual Items

by GeorgiaBulldogsFan
6 Materials
90 Minutes

This project combines several unusual items that I have had for quite some time and have been waiting on inspiration to strike me. The first piece of this puzzle in its former life was part of a light fixture. It is a really large glass globe. It measures 13-1/2 inches in diameter and 16 inches high. I purchased it from a Goodwill store years ago for $4.00. Had no clue what I was going to do with it. Just knew that this was a great buy. So it came home with me that day.

I envisioned that it would make a great globe for a very large candle. So, I began looking for a candle that wouldn’t look lost inside it. A couple of years ago, I found my candle. I found it at Beall’s Outlet Store in the clearance section. It was long after Christmas and I really hit the jackpot getting it for $3.00. I took the picture with the candle on a napkin trying to keep green glitter off my hardwood floors. 😳. It measures 11-1/2 inches high and 5-1/2 inches in diameter and is quite heavy to tote, not to mention green glitter getting on my arms.

Next, I began looking for a base to hold the glass globe. I tried several things that I purchased at Goodwill but none of them worked because of the roundness of the globe. I hoped I would find something eventually. I went to a local thrift store and found this wicker plant stand after Christmas last year. It was priced at $10. But because decor items are 50% off on Mondays, I scored it for $5.00. 🥴. I brought it home and immediately set the globe into the stand. I was so pleased to find that it was a perfect fit! I grabbed an empty Dollar Tree wreath form and decided this could be decorated to give this piece some UMPH! The stand measures 28-1/2 inches high. It sat unfinished until today.

I washed the dust off the stand and have since realized that I need to spruce up the paint job and straighten some of the weaving. Will take this apart and do that next week when it is nice and sunny out. I always have plenty of garlands here at home and just pulled a piece out of my stash. I put garland around the form and put poinsettias on the wreath also from my stash here at home. This is the wreath with the poinsettias. I know the wreath looks skimpy in this photo with not enough poinsettias. I know I have more of them somewhere. So bear with me. Will have to adjust their position once I get this all put together.

This is the step by step for putting this together. Start with the wicker stand. Lay the garland wreath on top of the stand. Next, put the globe inside the wreath, curved side down, and into the stand. Then place a piece of wood into the globe curved side down. (It is curved on one side and flat on the other.) This will steady the candle. Next put the candle into the globe. Then adjust the foliage to suit you. Although it took me a while to find my pieces to “put” together, I am pleased to have found them to create my vision. My patience and perseverance paid off. I just had a thought. What if I changed the foliage for different seasons? Hmmmmmm . Another idea to sleep on. To be continued.........

Update: I decided to add some red and green beaded garland that I have had since the late 1970s, no lie, around the edge of the wreath form. I also found additional poinsettias that matched the ones I had already onto the wreath. I knew they were somewhere. Lol. Spruced up the paint job on the wicker stand and straightened the wicker too. Hope this inspires you to put unusual items together and create something new.

Suggested materials:
  • Wicker plant stand   (Thrift store)
  • Glass globe   (Thrift store)
  • Large candle   (Beal’s Outlet)
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  • Recreated Designs Recreated Designs on Nov 20, 2020

    I love it!! It turned out beautifully and I absolutely love that you saved several random things to make something new. Such a great piece :)

    • GeorgiaBulldogsFan GeorgiaBulldogsFan on Nov 20, 2020

      Thank you so much. I really try to look at things in different ways. A friend of mine says that I have “a good eye to see the diamonds in the rough.” Thanks for your encouragement.