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Every Christmas, I like to do a fun DIY project for my kids to make their rooms feel extra special for the holidays.

This year I decided to make these fun Gnome Garlands for each of their mini trees in their rooms. These little guys are so simple to make, and add the perfect playful touch to their rooms.

All you need to make this garland is an empty paper towel or toilet paper roll tube and some yarn. This DIY is simple enough, that even the kids could help out, making it the perfect family holiday craft!

To make this garland you will need an empty paper towel roll, yarn, scissors and a glue gun. Begin by cutting the paper towel roll into 1” thick pieces. Cut one ring for each gnome that you will be making.

Next you want to cut multiple pieces of yarn approximately 12” long. Secure the pieces of yarn onto the paper towel roll using a larks head knot.

Continue attaching the yarn all the way around the paper towel roll until the whole thing is completely covered.

Take a new piece of yarn and tie all of the loose ends of the yarn together as tight as possible. Trim the long strands of yarn using a sharp pair of scissors to make a little hat.

To make the “beards” make a simple tassel by tying together several pieces of white yarn. Leave a long tail of yarn that you can then thread through the tops of each hat using a tapestry needle.

For the noses you can use beads, buttons or these little wooden circle cutouts. Secure them just under the brim of the hat using a glue gun.

Trim the “beards” to give the garland a more uniform look.

And there you have an adorable assortment of little gnomes. You can use these as tree ornaments or tie them onto a piece of yarn as a garland.

I secured the little hats onto a crocheted chain, but you could use a ribbon, twine or a coordinating piece of yarn.

I love the oversized look of this garland on the miniature Christmas trees, and I think they would look just as cute on a full size tree, or hung on a mantle.

My kids were so excited to see these on their trees and love having their own little trees to light up their rooms at night.

Suggested materials:
  • Yarn
  • Paper towel roll
  • Glue gun
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  • Wren’s Little Nest Wren’s Little Nest on Nov 25, 2022

    That sounds amazing! Feel free to share a picture of your finished product, I would love to see 😊

  • Cindy Cindy on Nov 25, 2022

    Oh how I LOVE these! This year I decided that I’m going to have a completely homemade, old-fashioned Christmas and these will be soooo cute on my tree!! Thank you for the inspiration!! Here’s a few I have already made!