Christmas Tree Made Out of a Book

Anke Dul-van Dooren
by Anke Dul-van Dooren
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This project is lots of fun with the kids too.
Get a book. Not with to many pages, the more pages it has the better it will look thou. It has to be a soft cover. Got this one from a jard sale. I'm from the Netherlands for if you were thinking what language it is.
We are going to make the first fold like this.
Fold again like this.
And then fold de end up like this. Repeat with al the pages of the book. Yes this it a lot of work. So again don't take a book with a lot of pages. This book has 40 pages.
Getting there.

And done!
Cut the cover de same shape and....
Take a tp rol and cut the tree trunk the size you want.
Perfect. Now we can paint.
Here you go.
And done. Now you can glue them together with hot glue.
This is going to be the balls in the tree. Well you can decorete your tree the way you want. You can use stars and bottums.
The end result. Hope you liked my post. Greetings from me. Merry Christmas and a happy new year.
Suggested materials:
  • Book with a soft cover   (Jard sale)
  • Toilet paper rol.   (Well you know where to get it.)
  • Paint. Green and brown. I used Ecoline because I like te wat it works on paper   (Local hobbystore.)
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