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by Sarah K., Hometalk Team
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My small space won't deprive me of a Christmas tree! You've just gotta get a bit creative when there is no room for an evergreen in your living room - but you can spare some open wall space! Michael's always has crazy sales this time of year - so, I got some faux evergreen boughs, decorations, some 3M VHB tape, Command hooks, stuck everything on my exposed brick wall, sat down, turned on Bing Crosby's Christmas album and enjoyed my tree while sipping on hot cocoa! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!
There she is in all her glory!
Exposed brick is lovely all on its own, but this time of year it could use some holiday decor - especially when it's the only space in my home I can spare for a tree!

Clear Command Hooks

3M VHB tape

Faux boughs

Your choice of decorations!
STEP 1: Dust and clean your surface

This product is what can make this project possible on a brick wall: VHB tape. It's clear and super adhesive. I did have to dust the bricks off pretty good to achieve maximum adhesion, but this stuff is strong once it's up! Just make sure your surface is clean.
STEP 2: Stick tape onto the back of Command hooks

I started by pre-sticking the VHB tape to the back of clear Command hooks. I did 3 hooks a bough, and I had 6 boughs.
STEP 3: Design and hang your tree topper

Once I had my hooks all taped up, I got busy on creating my tree topper - a $1.50 wood star I picked up at Michaels. I had some Modern Masters metallic gold paint laying around, so I painted the star with 2 coats and then put 4 pieces of VHB tape on the back of the star, centered it on my brick wall, and put pressure on it for 30 seconds.

I decided to put the star up first and my skirt on second, so I could see how much space I had for the actual tree.
STEP 4: Add hooks to your skirt with safety pins

For the tree skirt, I love this one I have - it's made from burlap and has that rustic look - a perfect companion to my brick wall. Trouble was, I didn't want to cut it up to make it easier to put on the wall. So, I folded it in thirds and then safety pinned it to itself.
Once the skirt was neatly folded and pinned, I then created hooks with safety pins on the skirts 4 corners.
STEP 5: Hang up your tree skirt

Using my clear Command hooks, I hooked the skirt onto the wall. There were parts of the skirt that needed a little lift to make it sit perfectly so, I just used a little VHB tape to the back of the fabric and stuck it to the wall where needed.
STEP 6: Add hooks to hold the boughs

Now that my tree had a skirt and a star, it needed needles! Or faux boughs, at least! I decided where I wanted my first bough to start and placed a hook in that very spot. The important part is to put pressure on the hook and the tape before you put weight on it.
Step 7: Hang up your boughs

Here's what it looked like with everything up. The little battery boxes on the lights also got a strip of tape so they could stick to the wall. I also wrapped battery operated lights around the boughs before I mounted them to the wall.
STEP 8: Decorate your tree

Now it's just time to decorate! I picked up these wooden 'cranberries' at a thift store. I just wrapped them around the branches to add a punch of red.
I also twist-tied mini-bows and silver ball ornaments to selected branches.
Last, but certainly not least was fake snow! This can was under $5 at Michaels and goes on very easily. If it gets on your walls, no worries, it brushes right off!
There she is! All decorated and barely taking up any space!

How do you handle small space holiday decorating?
Suggested materials:
  • Boughs   (Michaels)
  • Fake Snow   (Michaels)
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  • Mary Jane Mary Jane on Dec 31, 2016
    Could this be done on an outdoor stucco wall?

  • Micholyn Barnes Micholyn Barnes on Jan 03, 2017
    Love this idea! How do you get the Command hooks and tape off the brick?

  • Anna Anna on Dec 11, 2022

    Love this idea! I have an exposed brick wall like that and I will try the Command Hooks on it. BUT I hung up a small picture on a CH inside and after a few weeks the hook gave way and it fell and broke the glass! Has this happened to anyone else?

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  • Diane Diane on Dec 13, 2020

    Do not try this unpainted sheet rock when you take the command strips off the paint comes with it I know I did it...😡

  • Jan Jan on May 17, 2021

     Love it !!!